Why choose SmallClaims

SmallClaims has digitised the process for small claim lawsuits making everyone
able to take cases to court until final judgment. Be you own attorney with no attorney fees involved and let the digital tool and AI work for you until you get what is yours.

Team of legal experts

You are never alone. Our team of legal experts will assist you trough the
entire process

AI driven technology

Cutting edge technology will be on
your side to drive success

No unexpected cost

You know right from the start what
your expected cost will be

Easy to use tool

No need to know anything
about law, make the tool work
for you

How would a typical lawsuit process through SmallClaims be like?

Watch the video to know more about SmallClaims, our tool, a typical process, and get answer to the following questions

Claiming what is rightfully yours have never been more easy

File your lawsuit in 3 easy steps with SmallClaims
Let the AI and our legal experts work with you and for you

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File your lawsuit

File your lawsuit

Fill out the form on the platform and answer the simple questions and your case will sent to the court automatically



Correspondence with the counterparty and the court will be handled on the platform until case is closed

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Personal customer services will help you trough the entire process.

At SmallClaims, we are trained to help you avoid a long and troublesome process. 

With SmallClaims you will have a personal case worker assigned to your case to assure the process runs smoothly. 

In other words – you will never be left in the dark.

Why choose SmallClaims compared to existing solutions

On Your Own

  • 🗸 You get more of the pie
  • ✕ Complicated and time consuming
  • ✕ Stressful
  • ✕ No experience with law and lawsuits
  • ✕ Big chance the counterparty will
  • reject your claim


  • 🗸 No financial risk - no cure, no pay
  • 🗸 Easy and speedy process
  • 🗸 You get access to legal professionals
  • 🗸 Experts in court cases and how
  • to win a case
  • 🗸 Minimum hassle and need to worry
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  • ✕ High and unpredictable legal cost
  • ✕ Long process - the longer the
  • process the higher the cost
  • ✕ Not a high priority case for the attorney
  • ✕ Limited experience with small
  • claim lawsuits
Envato User

SmallClaims is a new and very interesting concept that I would definitely use, when faced with a small claim lawsuit. Attorneys are too expensive and would require me to give up a claim. This is no longer the case now SmallClaims exist.

Envato User

As an independent professional with a SMV business, I often have had to give up claims due to high Attorney fees. Going forward, I would definitely choose SmallClaims to get my money back.

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